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Airgun ammo

DGS carries a wide variety of airgun ammo. You may think, "a pellet is a pellet, what's the difference?" Your pellet choice can significantly impact the effectiveness of your airgun and how much you enjoy your airgun.

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Dome-heads, wadcutters, hollowpoints.

Dome-heads: general purpose, better aerodynamics for distance.
Wadcutters: cut clean holes on paper targets for scoring, short range pesting, poor aerodynamics for distance.
Hollowpoints: pesting and small game hunting.

.177, .22 and .25 caliber. 

.177: inexpensive, light, good for plinking up to 25 yards.
.22: general purpose, heavier for better range and less susceptible to wind, more knockdown power.
.25: heavy for long range shooting, lots more knockdown power.

Light and heavy.

Light pellets: flatter initial trajectory due to faster initial velocity, lose velocity rapidly, limited effective range.
Heavy pellets: "loopy" trajectory due to slower initial velocity, maintains velocity and energy over longer distance, better effective range.


Some manufacturers produce more consistent pellets.
Certain types of pellets are manufactured only by certain manufacturers (due to patent issues).

Given the same airgun, if you want to maximize effective range and knock down power, a heavy dome-head pellet is a good choice. On the other hand, if you want to maximize muzzle velocity and minimize effective range (for safety or whatever reason), a lightweight wadcutter is the way to go.

If you are purchasing a new airgun, select a .177 for shorter range work, and a .25 for long range.

Many airguns have specific "preferred diet". This means that one gun may shoot a particular pellet particularly well. This has to do with the mechanical make up of an airgun. All barrels vibrate when fired, but the resonance frequencies vary even given the same brand, same caliber and same model. This is why each individual gun may have a specific preferred pellet. 

As a result, an airgun owner should try out different pellets to find out what works best for an airgun. At DGS, you can purchase different pellets and use the range to test them without leaving the store!Type your paragraph here.